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  • Cylinder Head Bolt

    For assembling with cylinder head block of Engine

  • Conrod Bolt

    For fixing with top and bottom product of connecting rod of engine

  • Bearing Cap Bolt

    For assembling with main bearing cap to fix a crankshaft

  • Valve Spring Retainer

    It is a small disk that is installed at the end of the valve spindle. It fixes the valve spring to the valve spindle and deliver spring power to the valve spindle. We developed multiple-stage former forming for valve retainer (only for engine), shortened manufacturing process, and reduced 30% of the cost with equal quality.

  • Tappet

    It is used in the internal-combustion engine to deliver cam’s moving to valve (altered straight displacement). Through applying Transfer Deep drawing (only in Korea), we shorten manufacturing process (16 steps to one step) and reduce 30% of the cost.

  • Valve key

    RIt fixes RETURN VALVE SPRING and STEM VALVE. We have a high quality-manufacturing system through Multi Forming producing that improve the fault of PRESS manufacturing system.

  • Passenger Hub Bolt

    Passenger Hub Bolt for safety and stability of driving possibility (traveling force)

  • Commercial Hub Bolt

    Commercial Hub Bolt for safety and stability of driving possibility (traveling force)

  • Pretensioner Pipe

    Rewinds the seat belt in case of a vehicle collision.

  • Retractor Parts

    Torsion Bar in the Retractor was first produced in Korea and prevents the belt from loosening in the event of a collision or winding the belt.

  • Spacer

    Connected with the Bolt and stuck to the pretension of the seat belt. It moves right and left as it sticks to the car body. We offer the quality products consistently.

  • Booster Bolt

    For fastening bolt to brake that enhancing technique for perfect braking and quality

  • Push Rod

    Moves power from cam to valve

  • Guide Rod

    Takes the role of a brake guide.

  • Input Shaft

    Part of the shaft that is assembled with Motor Driven Power Steering.

  • Output Shaft

    Part of the shaft that is assembled with Motor Driven Power Steering.

  • Ball Sleeve

    Used for connection of suspension devices, the function of suturing rubber between metallic materials, or links to absorb shock and vibration.

  • Ball Stud

    Improving driving safety with self steering and driving convenience with precise wheel control and vibration control.

  • Ball Joint Socket

    Functions as joint that is assembled with upper and lower arm of passenger car.

  • Cam Bolt

    All in one type of cam bolt for anti separation of cam washer from SUV

  • SBW Actuator Parts

    Components for electronic shift system (Shift By Wire) 1st developed in Korea

  • Battery Parts

    Components to connect battery pack

  • Rotor Nut & Shaft

    Components to transfer driving power (EV mode & hybrid mode)

  • Ball Screw Shaft

    High-precision power transmission by converting rotational motion into linear motion in power actuator system

  • Parts for FCEV

    Core components of Hydrogen valve

  • Aluminum

    Inner pipe and pretensioner pipe, Weight improved in 35%

  • Stainless Steel

    Functional components of EGR Cooler

  • Copper & Brass

    Thermostat components for high thermal-conductivity